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Hello & welcome to WHOA lansi, formerly Au fil de mes balades. My name is Alanna & I am a 30-year-old (Yikes!) writer & a bit of a nerd. You can call me Lans.

Born in Vancouver, raised in Calgary, I’ve also lived in Rennes (France), Lyon (France), Victoria, & Montreal. My wonderful husband & I currently call Calgary home.

I am cheesy, loyal, independant, & most of all, passionate (passionate as in WHOA there, slow down!). I’ve been called intense, & it’s quite true: I’m earnest & embrace my interests wholeheartedly. A self-professed foodie, lover of language, & travel enthusiast, I find joy in sharing my adventures as I eat, travel, & try to find the right words to tell you about it. Sometimes I let the photos speak; I take about a million.

My escapades abroad sparked my interest in a wide variety of foods & cultures. This drives my ongoing search for delicious fare, be it at home or away. Don’t ask me for my favourite food, city, or restaurant though – there are too many possible answers!

Anyway, grab yourself a cup of coffee & let’s be friends. I’ll try not to talk your ear off.



2 thoughts on “about me

  1. bearandpeanut says:

    Best about me I’ve ever read! And this whole time I’ve really never linked you with the whoalans name that I always see. It’s only taken me how long? But I’m happy to know you better! Had a ton of fun on Friday! 😘


    • whoalansi says:

      Aw thanks! I figured the name probably needed a better explanation. Blog names are hard – mine are always odd, but I figure at least they’re unique! 😉 I had a great time Friday too!! It’s fun having blog friends! 🙂


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