February in Instagram

I almost decided not to post my February insta recap. The month kind of got away from me & I was feeling a little silly posting it so late. I really like reflecting on the month though, so here she is. Better late than never, right?


  1. We’ve had an incredibly warm winter, so when Container Bar decided to open their patio-only bar & let Dandy Brewing takeover, we grabbed some friends & headed on over.
  2. Dad took me to the Flames game. We grabbed dinner before at National (buck a shuck oyster night!) & had a great time!
  3. N was home for the weekend. We celebrated Valentines Day with a beautiful dinner at a new British restaurant, Whitehall.
  4. Dad turned 60 this month! We celebrated his birthday with a lovely dinner at my parents house. Luckily N was home so we could all be there!
  5. I love giving friends babysitting coupons when they have babies. This little guy was a gem & we’d gladly watch him again any time.
  6. Brad Paisley came to town & put on an incredible show. He’s mine & N’s favourite country artist & is such an amazing performer.
  7. La Manzanilla. I have no words for that view!
  8. Beach days with N. We spent 9 days in what I can only describe as paradise. I got an ok tan.
  9. We were blessed with beautiful nightly sunsets, but I thought this one was particularly gorgeous. We had dinner at a beachside restaurant for a friends’ 30th & watched the sun dip low.

Hope March is treating you well! I’m working on some changes over here & on getting back on the blogging train. I still want to post about our anniversary in Kelowna &, of course, all about our time in Mexico. I’ll get there! haha



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