A trip to the boulangerie

For less than a euro, I can experience one of the best things about living in France: baguette. It is a well known fact that I love food. I spend hours perusing the Food Network website, I plan most of my travel with the regional specialities in mind & I make a conscious effort to make good meals- all because I love food.

baguette & petit bulletin. perfect!

So, it’s really no surprise that I love baguettes. In fact, a trip to the local boulangerie is one of my favourite things. Not only can baguettes make for a cheap meal, but I can somehow manage to incorporate them into every meal I make. I swear there is nothing better than picking up a fresh baguette & lucking out with a wonderfully warm one. I think the only think that may trump that is a pain au chocolat, fresh out of the oven or otherwise. 
the perfect addition to a picnic in the park
Most people think of croissants when they think of French breakfast, but I’ll take a pain au chocolat instead any day. Not only is it really French (whereas croissants are sometimes touted as being Viennese, hence them being called viennoiserie in France…although pain au chocolat falls under that category as well), but it’s got a little bit of chocolate to kick-start your day. I’m not generally once to enjoy chocolate in the morning, but even I find this little hint of chocolate delightful! 

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