Tuile [TWEEL]

French for “tile,” a tuile is a thin, crisp cookie that is placed over a rounded object (like a rolling pin) while still hot from the oven. (There is also a special tuile mold, over which the hot cookies may be placed.) Once cooled and stiff, the cookie resembles a curved roof tile. The classic tuile is made with crushed almonds but the cookie can also be flavored with orange, lemon, vanilla or other nuts.

many different flavoured tuiles
aka: my new worst enemy. 
I discovered Pâtisserie Perroudon today…actually, I’ve heard about it many times from Kate’s erasmus friends. It is their favourite patisserie…& with good reason. The place has the most amazing looking sweets & desserts & pastries. I decided to try it out today & had a nice little cappuccino &  a tuile géante chocolat menthe. It was heaven. I kid you not…the tuile was so géante, I couldn’t even finish it. (& we all know how much I love to eat) I had to get a bag & bring the rest home with me. (which wasn’t such a bad thing seeing as I am quite content to have just polished it off. Delicious.)

big enough for 2, perhaps? 
It’s going to be tough to deny myself this wonderful little treasure now that I’ve discovered it. Sorry, Pâtisserie Perroudon, but you are not within my budget! 

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